Assalamualaikum and Hi,

This is simply a post for those who is interested in purchasing a GO PRO not sure if you want to buy a number of gopros. but then..this is just a post coming from somone who is new to GOPRO:) to be exact GOPRO HERO3+

First time ai sentuh die..i was like” OMG YOU RE SO CUTEEEEEE”..ehheh

last APRIL the 4th, my gopro came to alif’s doorstep.eheehhe..There;s something wrong with my card and I just have to ask Alif to buy it for me;))))…and then..I didnt use it straightaway coz…I need SDCARD. I purchase the camera for only £249.99. the normal price is actually £365..if im not mistaken…so it feels not right not to buy..ehhehe…then even the sdcard 16gb= £5.99…my friend told me it costs like £7 sumthing for 8GB. and then….i tried to use the camera for the first time…u can either choose to use.. using your phone (goproapp) or its remote… I use both..ahhahahha…the best thing bout the remote is that..u can just click it straight away..and then after you click want to see how your picture looks like u need your phone.ahahha.I ll show you the app okay..oh ya…and then i purchased a GOPRO REMOTE POLE. ..a bit pricey  but then kalao beli yg murah.. review semue tak cantik and takde remote better beli yg okay trus;) ehhehe,,,senang sikit.takkan la satu tangan nak pegang camera..satu lg nak pegang susah je kan…naseb ade remote pole..satu tangan lg boleyh tunjuk PEACE…ahahhahahahha…ade 2 size one is 23″ and 39″.. review smue suh beli yg 39″ so…I beli la yg 39..and now i think my go pro is all set for this SUMMER trip..teehhehe..


Anyway… this is the go pro app that Ive been talking about


when you connect your camera to this app, dia tunjuk la mana camera you tgh fokus ke ape kan..then after boleyh trus view dekat my gopro album..trus leh save..trus leyh masuk dalam mana2 laman sosial yang anda mahukan.senang gile kannnnn…and syok!!!~ worth every penny I must say:))))))and yups..its 12MP:))))

now..meyh ai tunjuk picture2 selfie ai yg ai amik gune go pro.:) yg sebelum dpt remote pole….sila muntah:P..and no edit okay..cume maaflah kalo rumah messy. kotak penuh:P





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TINGKAP UMAH AI IS NOW OFFICIALLY TEMPAT AI BERSELFIE:) sape2 lalu filton nampak ade camera kluar..nadrah tgh selfie lettew..ahahha

for those yg tgh main tarik tali whether to buy or not to buy.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CAMERA::))

REASON FOR PURCHASING? : I shall now named my new baby camera: AFI

to you…you know who you are..I cant wait to have a whole lot adventure with you. capture every moment with you…with everyone who loves us:)

All of me

Hi and Assalamualaikum ,

The title is simply because I just love the song, I even request my meng to sing it..tehehhe.. but then I must say  the title is suitable to today’s post;) First, before I merepek aany further, How are you guys;) Im good though, mood swings are not new in girls daily routine but. u know…I manage to be…OKAY. or maybe sometimes JUST OKAY. its a huge different ok boys;):P

Everyday, I m a step closer to my exams, the day when my family is coming,the day for boxes into the ship container, my holiday, and finally HOME. you have nooo idea how excited plus scared plus NERVOUS to alll of these things. therefore, In preparing the- go-back-for-good- stuffs. I started few things earlier, which I NEVER THOUGHT I could SETTLE these THINGS on my OWN.









and guesswhat… ALHAMDULILLAH, I have all the answers that I need to know on the procedure of cancelling the contracts, renting a storage with 150sqft, and arrangement for the date of the container..DAMN..I DID IT MYSELF WEIIIIII. I never settle DOCUMENTS  aka IMPORTANT stuff before but then,, hey, I got this covered!~Im so proud of self you know, my meng proud of me too. :)))))))))

Currently, Im searching and looking for empty boxes, so whenever i go for grocery shopping, Im sure will ask the store if they have empty boxes as far, i already have 8 boxes and approximately I will be having 20 to 25 boxes.LARGE. Thank god I have sent few thing when i went back to Malaysia the other day.

anyway, enuff of going back stuff, we ll moove to another topic. but then,…I really really appreciate you guys, for visiting my ntahapapa blog and you guys are just the sweetest:) One of my reader has requested ” HOW DO YOU COPE WITH LIFE IN THE UK”

Here’s the explanation, but bear in mind different people has different ways:). As for me…

For those who know me, they probably know that I never settle important things, people usually do it for me, if my friend can already purchase flight tickets and hiring a tourist guide all by herself for the family, me? I just wait for my dad to send me an email giving me the air ticket, print it and then present at the airport, thats it, SO, I take the opportunity to study abroad and prove  them that I too can do a lot of things by myself, signing house rent, purchasing things that is not cheap? register college , whatever it is that has to do with PAPERWORKS. it gives u headaches before dapat settle semue bende ni…but then when you …who never do anything… do all of these things by urself,  hoi rase bangge. makenye… Thats y , maybe I dont have that much problems of wanting to go back when I first came to UK, The desire to do things on my own lg tinggi compare to perasaan nak balik.  tipoolah kalau tak homesick, but I need these changes in my life, :) When I first came here, I thought I will have problems understanding people here talking. LIKE SERIOUSLY, first situation - when my name was called as MISS HANSON.dah lidah dia cam tu..mmg 2 kali la baru ai tau its actually HASSAN…ahhahahha.. then when I first in the lecture class, hoih lidah cikgu tuuuu…but then you know what, if you really really listen, the accents are not that bad. you understand it PERFECTLY…u even can do the accents as well..aahahahha…so I would say for those who will be studying abroad, dont fear this,

the weather…, this will be sumthing that I think is the problem. Here, we dont have penghawa dingin. So when its winter, mmg tkde masalah nak penghawa tutup la umah you macamana pon its still cold, kene pasang heater. but tahukah anda HEATER Tu BAYAR. ahahha…I frequently travel but then bile sejuk..pasang je heater 24 hours kan…tp ni..I live here….jadinye..kalo bukak la heater tu 24 jam..jgan terkejut la kau bukak…when I was at my old house, my housemate on the heater bile tdo je,so during the day pakai la kau 4 lapis sweater. so you imagine this, you cold,,,kalo pakai baju selesa sebenarnye, ini ai je la ok..kepada yg study abroad and read this might not on myside,

and kalo musim panas pulak…huiiiii boleyh kasi marah tauu… u really really need to buy a fan:) and be prepared with all the animals yg bakal kluar. thats what im afraid most when its summer…heheheh..but then. whatever the weather is,,you gotta learn.. thats why you came here in the first place right???

as for food, a bit boring actually coz if you re in bristol, there is no nasik kerabu, kerabu mangga, mee mamak blablablba and so on. Halal food will be  KEBAB, PIZZA, FRIED CHICKEN, yups…thats all, of wait we do have asian food here..halal..but then..tak sedap..and you kena la masak.. I never touch a raw chicken before, so UK is the fisrt place that witness me touching the raw chicken. and from the easiest nasi ayam to the complicated nasi kerabu..I DID IT ALL:))))))))))see…can you see what happen when you are on your own:)

living,weather, food…what else do I need to mention…but then I hope you get the idea. when you have that one thing on your mind,,your goal, what you really want..BELIEVE ME YOU”LL GO THROUGH UPS AND DOWNS JUST TO ACHIEVE IT. if it downs, you ll feel down but then you know you want you dont give up and try harder…..plik tak ayat ai.ahaha..but I realy hope u understand. Im turning 25 this year, i can no longer be the girl who cant do things. i gotta do things. no matter complicated they are. and…now I really really get the idea whhy people in tumblr dont want to grow up..hihiihihih…

one thing I should advise you… when you are alone and having problems, you ll definitely and surely can see who the hell are your TRUE FRIENDS.. I ve been here for 2 years and 1/2 . I have seen all these friends problem thinggy. just be prepared, you cannot expect them to be like u:) there will be a situation when U just need someone but you cant call ur bf or ur true friend or your family in malaysia because they are sleeping, thats the bad thing about time you know..just be prepared for that time..when it comes;)dont trust people easily, not all people care:)

I LEARNED A LOT HERE ACTUALLY..thats what makes me a better version of me( I think) in case you have forgotten me..heres my latest pic;).. I bought a lipstic btw. 1 st step in becoming a woman perhaps?bahahahahhahaha…oh dont get fooled.. I still dont know how to make up. I use perfect 365 for the eyes make up. :P

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Hi and Assalamualaikum,

How are you guys. I really hope you guys are okay.  as for me? not so much. What I feel? Pleasee see the following:

1)  my eyes are blurry.its like theres a smoke or something and I really feel like shutting my         eyes….when I say shutting my eyes.. I really want to go to sleep not thinking of my problems and as soon as I wake up.the problem is not there anymore…(1st wish)

whats my problem? not so much a problem, but its kind of like….something that im worried about and also… how to put this in a simpler word….” TERASA”

2) Im tired….mentally, all my life i always questioning my self ” WHY ON EARTH DO I HAVE TO SIT FOR EXAMINATIONS ” i know la whats the answer for such question but  if I can wish for things..(PLURAL) one of them would be…(2nd) no exams have no idea what examination can do to students..PRESSURE….

3)Im thinking of ways to remember 30 chapters with a lot of THEORIES…howwwww…hoowwww..please help me…:(

4)I just realised….God… I ve sacrificed a lot… for …a lot of people…its just ..I dont think they know that Im sacrificing ( can say my of my dreams.) This …has make me think that….im not …their “PRIORITY”..its not like I want to say I want to be treated like a priority…its just….MAYBE, on FAIR BASIS…or maybe i can relate to what I study today from FRENCH AND RAVEN: types of power. What I can relate is: LEGITIMATE POWER….example include: ELDERS MAKE A DECISIONS DUE TO THEIR AGE AND EXPERIENCE. for my case…when the youngster dont get what they want, they rebel, and apparently the elders need to sacrificed…oh selfish youngster.. my 3rd wish would be : I wish…They know that I ve sacrificed A LOT and rethink of what they want..the consequences…or maybe for once. IKUT CAKAP ORG TUA SIKIT PLEASE and..why you cant see that I TERASA?

5) I desperately want to more study…I NEED to earn my own money, I feel damnnnnnnnn bad for using my dad’s money.and I feel a bit jealous dengan.. those people yg dah bekerja.

6) Im counting days….( 4th wish) can we just skip to next year already.. I really wanna see myself in a year time..and Im hoping by that time.. I HAVE A JOB
7) LIFE IS SCARY…i know i shouldnt say that…but….it really is…the more you grow old…the more you can see….how scary it is..

ape pon…..dont stop doa:)



Hijab stylista punye pasal

Hi….and Assalamualaikum

Here’s the story.

cikin: Nadwah!~wat pe tu

me: ciking!~takde buat pape pon..whats up

cikin: nak gi tak hitea hijab stylista yg tv9 tu..die ade hijab tutorial as well

me: siyes? cam best je…i slalu nak pi tmpat2 like that:P

ok..tipoola if you girls bace blog famous people like fatinsuhana cantik and shea rasol yg super talented pegi event2 hijabista you ols tak rase nak pegi kan…i dont know la if you guys ..but …ai kalo nak!!~eyh can shop as well u know..kan slalu ade jual2 jugak..I love that kind of place!~ehehhe..sooo…on Sunday…pergilah saya dan syikin ke London..2 hours tak rase macam two hours sbb…omg we have sooooo many things to talk je dok jarang jumpe ok.sooo…opportunity ini pastila diambil:P.


Masuk saje london…well you know London.I will never drive in London.But CONGRATS to SYIKIN. die berjaya weii..then…tmpat hijabstylita tuh adalah di Restaurant Melati, Soho….n macam biasa kalao bawak kete kat mane2 pon..PARKING is always the problem..lg2 plak LONDON.omg.gile wei..i dont get it you know jalan kat sini.kereta masing smue nak hebat.Bentley..rollroyce, maserati and smue yg jalan..ciknonet…tak paham ai.then kami masukla parking soho…jangan terkjut la bayar parking nanti ok…Keluar je dr tmpat parking.another problem adalah mencari restaurant tu..Im SUCK at reading MAPS. just dont ask me when it comes to direction.ok kalo kat kuantan ai sesat cari specialist hospital yg dekat sate zul tu..kat London ne takyah cakapla.lg2 if you re driving:p

So..Cikin jugakla yg lead the way…sesampai aja…tunggu la 20-30 minutes sbb pengacara cantik and team2 nya tak sampai lg…setibenya mereka..trus mmperkenalkan Butik yg terlibat.. JELITASARA.;)))) and tutorialllll..diorg guna we ols tau as model.and macam biase ai SI PEMALU mmg takkan pergi la..cikin pergi wei!!~im soo proud of her you know.she’s so berani..confidence..smue die ada;))


ai enjoy watching je..ehheheh…and tak sabar ai nak bukak smue tudung depan mata ai plak dok depan skali…tak cukup ngan tu..pantang kak awin bukan beg beso kalut nak tgk..

caught in action kott..jap ai repost..


funny a bad spender….:P..sigh…anyway…after mkn2 smue..ada photoshoot weii..baahahahahahah… really not good in front of the camera…cikin ade amik ai screenshot je meng cakap ai jalan cam robot..ahahha..cikin n lady zaza mmg stylo abih kot…Nadrah2..why la you ne i wonder what im good att…im just good at spending..thats y..just thats why..i need to get a job..ASAP..coz i need to use my own money:P


anyway…..after thhattt..we all belakon berjumpe tgh jalan kat london jugak..and camera follow.babahabbhabhahhahahahahhaha..I really dont know why the photographers nak tu. i tk diinform kan pape pon of them just suruh ai surprise to jumpe syikin n aiza time nak tintas jalan.and buat2 berjakap and ggelakkk.aahhahah..funny kan.but then whatever it is for.hey..I had a photoshoot in LONDON..itu pon da abeyh bangga dgn diri sndiri,,,.ihiks2.pengalaman sendiri kan…and then…..balik ke restaurant tu balik…we…ape lg..pompuan kalao da berjumpe….

1) AIZA…dis gurl mmg face to face sbijikkkk fatin..siyes tak tipooo.cikin la kenalkan..rupenye die youtuberrr :)))nice to meet u pretttyyyyy lady!~


2) AMEERA ZAINI..well yg ni pastilah tak perlu nak kenalkan kan…she’s in my fb tak pnah pon bertegor..time jumpe ne pon just try my luck” you cam tak ai” ..she said” fb..u kawan fatin kan.slalu tgk u dgn dia” awwwwww….thanks fatin…:P.ahahahhan it was nice meeting u ameera.such a pretty lady.


oh jap..selfie perlu ada ok


and…with the team;)))


dan lastly…Bristolians :))


as for my outfit for that day…ai ni da kekurangan baju sebenarnye… pakai mane ai jumpe dulu bila bukak almari..belek2 pon tak…tahu tak brape lame ai spend time pakai tudung..hari tu..tuduung buat hal…first time pakai dat colour gak sbenarnye:P
ORIG_IMG_20140302_110956 LACE top, bag, shawl = all ONLINE:P
shoes: Gold Dr Marten ( loving it)
split skirt: ZALORA(something borrowed)
thats all from me for NADHAFHAS WORDPRESS from LONDON:)

My Bestfriend’s Wedding .

Hi and Assalamualaikum…

Im sooo sorry that this post is taking too much time to know la..there’s a lot to do when you are away from home though u only have class on monday and Tuesday;) My closest friends wedding excite me the most.. The feelings is much more over compare to the bride and groom..( over kan) it kindda feel like you are the one that is getting married. if the wedding is tomorrow..ill be the one who is nervous TODAY.ahahahhahah…over you guys already know..1 of my best-est friend is now married to his one and only ..who I ve already known her since 2010? soo..dats is why this wedding is doubly special to me coz it involves two of my best friend:) YUps I went to the akad nikah..but then terlepas coz SESAT.but then. Wafi and Paan dah ade kat updated our group wats app with lots of photos



..How they look like? TOO CUTE i must tell you..can pegang2 da katenye.pfft:P




IMG-20140125-WA0031After that..We have like few hours before the Bersanding.. So I bring my man for a drive around Kuantan..SEMSAS..tmpat kapal2 terbang smue…:) heheh..I yg org kuantan ne pon mcm first time gak tour2 tmpat2 tu:) jadi tourist la for a day… then….Bersanding time~



Esoknya, Sunday:) Belah Azri dewan Taman Tas:)





Later at home, after  hitea with the family and my meng, and sending off my meng yg nak balik ke KL, i got a call from geng Kuantan…nak ber ABC :))) sayang mymeng da balik…if not da ade dlam picture ne;) complete…except izzat la tade…

So thats how I spent my Last weekend in Malaysia before I go back to UK. Weekend well spent with my loved ones;))) Esoknye..I fly back to UK and still spending the last few hours at the airport  with my meng and family. Thank u so much for coming . I LOVE YOU GUYS so much:)