I am a concerned citizen


Its been long since my blog stats are booming. i miss wordpress-ing ..it is just that i dont know what to share about..but still…i have sooo many things in my mind.

Recently, I ve been missing my life back in Bristol, and I realised I just missed grocery shopping there, shopping for girls thing, the cold weather, the layers, and how people there are helpful and none of them (PROBABLY SOME) robbing other people. Did you guys watch few videos that have been viral over the internet. its  about few guys robbing a woman at the fuel station and other people( people who works there) just stand there and do nothing? God..thats very….unacceptable..

aand now im considering taking KARATE CLASS,..but then again.what is wrong with u people..ok fine u dont have money. so u rob other people who probably dont have money too??..not just that…u harm them..isykk..i dont get it you know. its getting more dangerous these days..and i dont know where to run anymore except that praying everyday that  nothing dangerous will happen to my loved ones , people around me and also myself..

oh. as I m talking bout dangerous and all, do you guys mind..not to be selfish when you re driving. i used to drive in UK. if they can be polite…why not us , we are malaysians after all..arent malaysians should be polite.?

just be a good human being please..

heheh.sorry la.im being sooo like politician and all..but its the truth. to those big and expensive cars.just because you re driving a nice car ..doesnt mean u can cucuk everyone. and to those small and average cars,,, just because you think to maintain ur car or fix ur car isnt as expensive as the big and luxury cars, doesnt mean u can cucuk org.. see…cant u see.. we re all fair and square. behave please. and stop robbing each other. ..

watching all those videos make me one to kick and trach their asses. pfft

ah Malaysian.

Love, concerned citizen,


Less is more

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

My last post was about hari raya puasa?pergh..we just celebrated raya haji yesterday..So Hows your Raya Haji? Mine was okay.. very private. means..just spend with family and closest friends:) I have 2 nephews..but…..feels like 10…they are soooooo brighten up our life….sooo kecoh wei.hehehhe…look at the picture:P





and this is probably the first picture of my SILs. so my brothers are all married.. families are getting bigger. cant wait for next year..:) Girls being girls..eyes alll big when talk about shoppping :) and my SIL is now selling gorgeos jubah, tudung and kain pasang, mmg we all la beli dulu kn..its just so dangerous that I know there are so many tudung in the house ..so bile I takde tuduung..i will be like” ANAAAAAA….kakak amik satu lg.byr jap lg ok”…ahahhahhahahha…you know how I love to shop..now there is kedai in my home.:P DSC_0768-001

Oh..and.im helping out my SIL here. She is selling this gorgeous piece of tudung bawal. LABUH too…so boleyh je belit2 cam selendang ..and last I checked she currently has one more colour left which is green . I bought 3 of them… wear pink in the morning…this one;) and green time raya ngan kawan kawan ai:) she has 10 pieces originally. variable colours.but selling out realllll fast.. but then do order with her ..if you guys interested. only RM25.00.. To view more her gorgeous pieces… I will update later..ehhehe

Raya Haji


in case you guys wondering how am I doing?  Im doing great…Alhamdulillah. except that…there are so many things happening…Alhamdulillah for all the good things ..and for all bad things. normalla..but then..everything happens for a reason kan..and they make us better;) so always always be thankful:)  (note to self)

and I hope its not tooo late to wish u all SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI:)

esok da keje balik…bluergh.

p/s: tatau nak share ape dah..pagi keje balik malam. so bosan.



Selamat Hari Raya

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Today will be the post on how I celebrate my raya… My flight from KL to Kuantan was on Saturday..910 am ..


I did my last minute shopping by buying 9 tudung and it only costs me 60 ringgit..3 for RM20 wei..anyway…I celebrate my raya in KB this raya.obviously its always been Kota Bharu every year…but then..you know how im so tired everyday..so I slept all the way from Kuantan to KB..celik je mate trus sampai..I brought along my sweater and my pillow.so comfy wei..ahhahah.

The next day after sembahyang raya, we covered 7 houses in a day..how crazy is that..but then I got no duit raya since everyone knows im working..pppft…so at the age of 25, I am officially stop receiving duit raya..I am the one who is giving the duit raya..but since I just started my carrer..cewah…I gave to only 3 important kids in my famili..

1) Baby brother -who is getting married next week..so obviously this is the first and the last duit raya im giving him..bahahahah

2) Haikal- My first Nephew

3)Haikal- My second nephew


So this is my raya picture. I have few new cousins. anak sepupu as well…my family is getting bigger…lots of babies..smue cakap my nenek punye umah mcm nursery..ahahhah…and In Sya Allah..next year pon ade banyak org baru..coz few of my cousins pon nak kahwin…Cant wait to see picture on next raya..hikhiks…As for this raya…Enjoy….


DAY 2:

Just 3 houses coz my flight back to Kl is at 530..went to the airport at 330…so not cool huh..raya ke dua da balik sbb esok keje..pffft


DAY 3: Already start working after balik keje je….no one wei on the road…so obviously no jem…and I reach home at 530…walaweiiii. selalu mmg taknampak matahari da…ahahahha…so sempat tukar baju and went for Sushi which we bought on Groupon before raya the other day with my lovely man:)


DAY 4: Boss belanja lunch and she asked me to go back coz im having a fever. and then esok nye raya ke 5 I MC…ahahahhahah…dats how my raya went…isyk2..

Okayla..Thats all from me, Selamat Hari Raya you guys:)




20 years old again

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I post my birthday celebration every year..I jadi princess kan every year…this year celebration pon same…cume it is just a small party where only birthday girl and a special guest  came.the special guest happen to be her PRINCE CHARMING…so this year pon I jadi princess jugakla…:) Birthday girl plak  in a bad mood coz she ran away from her office just to be with the special guest who is waiting in the “LIMO”  the next day..this birthday girl kena dengan bos why balik when u have so much work left? tapi takpela..demi bday and special guest tu..lautan luas sanggup ku renangi.hikhik..



nyway…I was in a badmood.. I dont know whats my boss has against my bf..but everytime i have plan with him. she gave me tons of work exactly at 5( the time i should clock out from the office)..kalo da after 5 usually i lari balik la…but then since i tahu i banyak keje and all…itu yg muke ai like dat…wanna see my face…? bile dipaksa senyum…




nampak sangat tk ikhlas…ahahhha…papepon…I should thank him for trying sooo hard to make me smile…one of them is ..wearing that tshirt..ahahhahahah…thats y i love u:)

happpy bday to me. insyaallah next year punye celebration will be a lot more fun:) Thanks for all lovely wishes you guys:)

Spain trip

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

First of all, I want to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya, Sorry for all my wrong doings as well as my rudeness if there is any:) hiks..

Anyway, I dont think i can do My spain trip by part anymore . The reason is because its been 2 months and I have my Bandung trip to share ..anyway…lets get started..Before that, let me warn you guys. this post consists a lot of SELFIES, I cant thank whoever invented go pro enough.coz.i think its a great camera. except for -we need phone to see if we have a great picture or not and the stick is visible in the picture as well.but then..I can let it all go coz I get full picture …wide view and the quality of the picture pon cantik..12MP:)

eyh …this post is not about go pro..hikik…lets get started..


“Located 8 miles (13 km) west of Córdoba in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, oriented north-to-south on the slopes of Jabal al-Arus, and facing the valley of the Guadalquivir river.” (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)

This is the place where we stop for few hours on our way to The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba..I dont even know how to tell stories bout this place coz Im afraid Ill be sharing the wrong history. But…do scroll down and see all the pictures okay.heheh:)






Before continuing our journey…We stop by at Olive oil factory…do you know that SPAIN is famous with OLIVE…ahahha..ai dok UK dulu berbotol2 telan olive  oil..tak prasan langsung from SPAIn…after pi Spain baru perasan..so berbotol2 jugakla beli olive oil…and CHERRYYYY….masa mkn tak beringat langsung sakit tekak…after dat baru ingat..ahahhah..besar camni 2euro weiii..mmg beli 5 trus la.




okaylah..jom truskan ke The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba..Hmm…I dont think the way people there think is fair..Our tour guide did tell us a story where there was a muslim praying at the mosque and kene halao so they warn us not to pray at the place la kan..before we enter the place..the security guard asked us this” are you muslim?dont pray here”and so when I see the place..hmm..how can we pray.. patung belambakkkkk..but then I saw je a woman smayang kat luar…belakang dinding..but then kitorang diiring security guards la..sbb diorg takut kitorang smayang..pfft…whats not fair adalah bile..Muslim x leh smayang.but then org die smayang takpe?hmmm… lets see whats inside okay…this is the place paling dekat ai boleyh tgk yg org tergantung tu.besar plak tu…..



nmpak kan org bergantung tu..i know what it is ..i just dont prefer to say it..so I call org bergantung. 

dr luarnye…..and itu la the famous Roman Bridge;)






oh…inilah pakaian tradisi diorang..and I heard it is an expensive dress:) comel kan…raye tahun depan kite buat.ahhahah.:P



empat ni pon okay..cume..I dont recomment who’s pregnant getting on this thing..gegar baik punya weii..sakitt!~..ihiks. dont really have lots of photo on day 3 coz everyone is busy shopping…price? can say cheaper than Bicester Village..got my self shoes and bag…thanks MUMMY..:)so when will be my next bag? huuuu…da lame tak shopping …sejak balik ni takde beg baru lg:P







this is ROYAL PALACE OF MADRID…we went inside…but no picture is allowed …sedih je..so amik luar je la. and while waiting for our tour guide… my bro just bought this mask when we were in London…and i mcm excited gile try..sbjik cam mask dalam Big Bang theory…brubah suare tuh..ehehhehe….syok gileee…mnyesal plak i tak beli.






jalan jalan around Madrid…sbb Madrid ne mmg dekat je from one place to another..oh did i mention…a group of student come and approach me witch camera and Mic…their school project about fashion..abahahhahahahah…omg..I would love to see the video..but then..takkan i nak mintak kan…my mum plak tak amik video time i di interview..rugi gile…but then luckily my outfit is ok..(ok for me)ahahha





We went to this market..forgot the name but if u go to Spain..just try its juice ok..gile sedappppppppp and potato crips..:)


 We went to the stadium jugak..my younger brother sibuk nak jersey but I rase jersey die mahal la..I baru nak beli for myself and Afiq jugak but then I told him..tak payah la u…we have our manchester jersey da.haahahhah..if im not mistaken..it cost 80 ke 90 euro…ai rase ai yg takde duit ahahha..sbb da balik for good kan..so segale bende jadi mahal..ahahhahaha rase ai beli kat manchester dulu 45 pounds je..


then to kill some time before the bullfight show.we went to this park…boleh bersampan jugak if u want..if I go with Afiq surely he can do all the dayungan…so since no one want to dayung..we lepak jela…kasi mkn burung:p


DSC_1170and so the time has come…..BULLFIGHT…se the diff before and after okay…how im so dissapointed.you have no idea how excited i am to see the bullfight show..just like in a movie…

this is the place…


inside…. before the show…



and then….. it is nothing like on TV. they cheer on a dying bull:( jaat gile…lembu yg menjadi mangsa bukan 1..tp 5..after first full kitorg nak balik tp seat dia rapat2 so kena langkah org2.itu yg susah sebenarnye.after 3rd bull baru we manage to get out from that place.i tgk first bull je..yg lain i tgk org je yg happy cheering on dying bulls.sigh….i dont think i can share gambar yg lembu tuh da mati..but i can do summary for this show..


ini permulaan die.garisan putih tuh pon diorg baru lukis..before smue ni kluar akan ade org dtg tolak tong cat utk lukis garisan putih tuh…at first i ingat kan kuda ni just untuk opening…tp…

tahukah anda kuda ini ditutup matanya…lembu tk suka attack manusia…tgk2 dia attack lembu…mmglah kuda ni dipakaikan mcam perisai tu tp lembu ne pon pandai…die tusuk bawah….jadi berdarah plak kuda tu…yg mnunggang kuda tu tolak2 lembu tu ngan kayu…i tak kesia langsung kat manusia tu..i kesian kat 2 bnatang ni..and the reason why i rase show ne tak fair adalah …when they let the bull enter the ring..akan ade 6 ke 7 orang yg dengan kain pink…as u can see 5 people in the picture…this guys will make the bull tired…die akan buat lembu tu kejar diorg smue..and when the bull get near them..they hide…blakang pintu yg baju merah tu…few time la die buat camtu…sampai u boleyh tgk lembu punye perut termengah mengah.kesiannnnnnn sgt….and then the guy with red kain akan masuk….he will masukkan 6 cangkuk on the bull’s body… the one yg ade putih kat atas body lembu tuh…6 kali …




nampak kan yg putih…itulah cangkuk tu…every tusukan tu dapat tepukan…nampak kan badan die darah…the bull dah weak pun…if lembu tuh rebah…tanpe sempat die masukkan 6 cangkuk..die tarik ekor so lembu tuh bangun balik…how kejam..:( then after 6 cangkuk da masuk…a guy will come running with a sword….then the guy with red kain akan tikam sekali di kepala..trus mati.if stil tak mati.die tikam berkali2 die kepala.then lembu yg mati tuh diseret keluar dgn kuda…then tanah tuh pnuh nampak darah lembu yg diseret…..sigh…i dont recommend this show…just dont go…how can manusia be sooo kejam..i yg tgk ni terasa kejamnye..tp i tk tau die akan akan bunuh lembu tu..siyes i tak tau…sigh..

on our way out….after the show i made few research..it has been banned in few places and ade one place org berkain merah tu kena tusuk ngan lembu.padan muka.geram aku.i just hope they banned this show 100%


dinnernye..another arab restaurant….tomorrow nak balik  Malaysia da;)


DAY 5: MADRID to LONDON, LONDON to MALAYSIA ..thank u mr tour guide..:) guess how old is he?22…i feel so old.pftt.anyway..kalo rase nak pning..tgk la video spinning ai:)



Reach Malaysia and see who”s at the airpot with flowers and a balloon:)


i am a happy girl..:)