My Engagement Day

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I ve promised to share with you about my engagement…hm….I have nothing to share actually coz my mom and the wedding planner did it all…huuuu…i obviously not really happy la..coz..u know..u re the one who s getting engaged but other people work their asses off for i wish im the boss..can cuti anytime…anyway….


  • TERATAK BRIDAL  the engagement planner…
  • theme? as long as its pretty and princessy…ahahhaha..
  • colour: TURQUOISE,
  • make up by : NAOMI JAJA
  • foods : SENDIRIAN BERHAD, 
  • doorgift: SENDIRIAN BERHAD,
  • dress: MAN KAJANG,
  • photographer: 7UJOH,
  • Videographer: EMRAN MALEK




FIK_4188 I really dont know how to elaborate huh? y dont u watch the video..?:)

how time flies huh? i ll update my wedding ceremony as soon as i have the pictures okay,


 10639593_1046650145351036_699913090328525043_n Assalamualaikum smue…saya kini sudah punya HUSBAND


Assalamualaikum and Hi ,

Hope its not too late to wish you all a very very happy new year. its year TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN already…how times fly eyh?  I ve been thinking a lot lately.. how i ve grown …im already 26 this year.My GOD. already a woman now…Im starting to search for ANTI AGING cream already, I ve been very INSECURE bout my body, i eat a bed of chocolate. (LITERALLY)) will definitely show the pic somewhere in FEBRUARY. As i grow older, I realised few things i am starting to like….MAKE UP, YOUTUBE, more SILKY HIJAB , LOOSE TOP. teheeee…

Before this, I dont do make up. i dont even have lipstic. but guess what. if im bored. i will go to SEPHORA and spend few hours there ALONE . I dont even know how to put them on.but it s soo fun to try them on ..ehehehhehe. and so..because I dont know how to make up, YOUTUBE is my bestfriend now, I search for TIPS, TRICK and HOW TO..boyyy, we have a lot of talented makeup artist wei.yesterday only I discover i ve been putting my bedak wrongly.isyk isykkk..DONT PRESS.ROLL YOUR PUFF.ok girls:)  one thing I dont like bout my skin is…I have a very very oily skin. My routine is… after face wash..

I ll apply CC CREAM and then my pressed powder. my face will look good for few least an hour or two…after 10 am…oh NO…mmg muke oily habis weih…i wonder if anyone knows what is wrong or do you have tips for OILY SKIN. Alll i know, the best face wash for oily skin is facewash yg jenis FOAM…and dont use pressed powder..use LOOSE POWDER…anymore that you know??share new to this…im trying to be beautiful like you.:)

SILKY HIJAB…..ah….if you realised in all my pictures ,, its always cotton material for my hijab. my reason ? tak pernah gerak..tak pakai anak tudung pon takpe. but then .. i always admire girls with more silky hijab..look sooooo ayuuu…so i want that tooo..ehehhe.and i experienced wearing chiffon material on my engagement day..n alhamdulillah..sgt berpuas hati..yups i do look ayu and I want to continue wearing it but why my head look so kecikkk..burukkk..huuuu. i ve started  purchasing few  chiffon material hijabs but stilll looking for how to style it in YOUTUBE..any tips guys?

LOOSE TOP… I ve been wearing hijab for ages but im continuosly improving for a better..slow ly..( i realised that..).hopefully. and so.. i realised..its more comfortable and appropriate to wear loose top and longer ( ass covered :P ) ..and..i ve been eying on CALAQISHA Harem pants…definitely will purchase it soon:) ehhehe. Ever since I got back from UK, I ve lost sense of fashion me !~but you girls are sooo goood in mix match your baju…I always say this to my fiancee ” Baby… everyone in instagram sgt laa cantik…i feel soo buruk” huhuh…I seriously have issues eyh:P

Anyway people, Let us recap my highlights of YEAR 2014 ok.

i got back…for good..Home is where the heart is..

I got a JOB 

                                                                           brother got married 



Im looking forward for many many more adventures in year 2015. shall we?



I am a concerned citizen


Its been long since my blog stats are booming. i miss wordpress-ing is just that i dont know what to share about..but still…i have sooo many things in my mind.

Recently, I ve been missing my life back in Bristol, and I realised I just missed grocery shopping there, shopping for girls thing, the cold weather, the layers, and how people there are helpful and none of them (PROBABLY SOME) robbing other people. Did you guys watch few videos that have been viral over the internet. its  about few guys robbing a woman at the fuel station and other people( people who works there) just stand there and do nothing? God..thats very….unacceptable..

aand now im considering taking KARATE CLASS,..but then again.what is wrong with u people..ok fine u dont have money. so u rob other people who probably dont have money too??..not just that…u harm them..isykk..i dont get it you know. its getting more dangerous these days..and i dont know where to run anymore except that praying everyday that  nothing dangerous will happen to my loved ones , people around me and also myself..

oh. as I m talking bout dangerous and all, do you guys mind..not to be selfish when you re driving. i used to drive in UK. if they can be polite…why not us , we are malaysians after all..arent malaysians should be polite.?

just be a good human being please..

heheh.sorry being sooo like politician and all..but its the truth. to those big and expensive cars.just because you re driving a nice car ..doesnt mean u can cucuk everyone. and to those small and average cars,,, just because you think to maintain ur car or fix ur car isnt as expensive as the big and luxury cars, doesnt mean u can cucuk org.. see…cant u see.. we re all fair and square. behave please. and stop robbing each other. ..

watching all those videos make me one to kick and trach their asses. pfft

ah Malaysian.

Love, concerned citizen,


Less is more

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

My last post was about hari raya puasa?pergh..we just celebrated raya haji yesterday..So Hows your Raya Haji? Mine was okay.. very private. means..just spend with family and closest friends:) I have 2 nephews..but…..feels like 10…they are soooooo brighten up our life….sooo kecoh wei.hehehhe…look at the picture:P





and this is probably the first picture of my SILs. so my brothers are all married.. families are getting bigger. cant wait for next year..:) Girls being girls..eyes alll big when talk about shoppping :) and my SIL is now selling gorgeos jubah, tudung and kain pasang, mmg we all la beli dulu kn..its just so dangerous that I know there are so many tudung in the house bile I takde tuduung..i will be like” ANAAAAAA….kakak amik satu lg.byr jap lg ok”…ahahhahhahahha…you know how I love to there is kedai in my home.:P DSC_0768-001 helping out my SIL here. She is selling this gorgeous piece of tudung bawal. LABUH too…so boleyh je belit2 cam selendang ..and last I checked she currently has one more colour left which is green . I bought 3 of them… wear pink in the morning…this one;) and green time raya ngan kawan kawan ai:) she has 10 pieces originally. variable colours.but selling out realllll fast.. but then do order with her ..if you guys interested. only RM25.00.. To view more her gorgeous pieces… I will update later..ehhehe

Raya Haji


in case you guys wondering how am I doing?  Im doing great…Alhamdulillah. except that…there are so many things happening…Alhamdulillah for all the good things ..and for all bad things. normalla..but then..everything happens for a reason kan..and they make us better;) so always always be thankful:)  (note to self)

and I hope its not tooo late to wish u all SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI:)

esok da keje balik…bluergh.

p/s: tatau nak share ape dah..pagi keje balik malam. so bosan.



Selamat Hari Raya

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Today will be the post on how I celebrate my raya… My flight from KL to Kuantan was on Saturday..910 am ..


I did my last minute shopping by buying 9 tudung and it only costs me 60 ringgit..3 for RM20 wei..anyway…I celebrate my raya in KB this raya.obviously its always been Kota Bharu every year…but know how im so tired I slept all the way from Kuantan to KB..celik je mate trus sampai..I brought along my sweater and my comfy wei..ahhahah.

The next day after sembahyang raya, we covered 7 houses in a crazy is that..but then I got no duit raya since everyone knows im working..pppft…so at the age of 25, I am officially stop receiving duit raya..I am the one who is giving the duit raya..but since I just started my carrer..cewah…I gave to only 3 important kids in my famili..

1) Baby brother -who is getting married next obviously this is the first and the last duit raya im giving him..bahahahah

2) Haikal- My first Nephew

3)Haikal- My second nephew


So this is my raya picture. I have few new cousins. anak sepupu as well…my family is getting bigger…lots of babies..smue cakap my nenek punye umah mcm nursery..ahahhah…and In Sya year pon ade banyak org baru..coz few of my cousins pon nak kahwin…Cant wait to see picture on next raya..hikhiks…As for this raya…Enjoy….


DAY 2:

Just 3 houses coz my flight back to Kl is at 530..went to the airport at 330…so not cool huh..raya ke dua da balik sbb esok keje..pffft


DAY 3: Already start working after balik keje je….no one wei on the road…so obviously no jem…and I reach home at 530…walaweiiii. selalu mmg taknampak matahari da…ahahahha…so sempat tukar baju and went for Sushi which we bought on Groupon before raya the other day with my lovely man:)


DAY 4: Boss belanja lunch and she asked me to go back coz im having a fever. and then esok nye raya ke 5 I MC…ahahahhahah…dats how my raya went…isyk2..

Okayla..Thats all from me, Selamat Hari Raya you guys:)