Hi and Assalamualaikum,

Im sorry if this post offends you or whatever but I just need to get this thing out of my chest. For those who’s in my friend list in Facebook.I’m sure you have seen my recent update status about ” melayu punye janji mmg kalo kol 11..kol 2 la kot pon tak muncul least call la weiiii!~.Let me get this Straight. I ve been encountered this problem since AGES but not ONCE my intention is to ” KUTUK BANGSA SENDIRI” ( sbb org tuh msg)  a song by KRU pong pernah mention” Melayu mudah lupa” A QUOTE by our ex Prime Minister lagi…so..itu pon consider KUTUK BANGSA SENDIRI KE? Its not kan…Kite just sedar our bangsa punye weaknesses. and what im trying to say ADALAH..IF YOU’ RE LATE, CALLLL!~ and if you dont like me, my status, whatever i post in FB, Let me tell you the simplest way I possibly can…” DELETE ME”  and just to be clear..I am a PROUD MALAYSIAN.

Second, Dont you ever dare to aibkan orang in FB. what ever they post. you dont like it. MOVE ON.if u think its unappropriate. MSG them.. I guess that is why  Mark Elliot Zuckerberg made that FOR.

I wanna show you guys this video..I never think this video KUTUK BANGSA SENDIRI..its just a fact.. ENJOY



4 thoughts on “Mentality

  1. Assalamualaikum nadrah ;)

    Sesetengah orang memang ada yang macam tu. Selalu cari kesalahan orang & benda kecil nak besar-besarkan. Dont think too much of them, tak berbaloi. Focus on people who love you! ♥ Chill & keep on being the adorable nadrah :) Have a nice day.

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